Digital Public Service

DETEC is mandated by the Federal Council to draw up a report by mid-2022 on the digital public service in the sectors regulated by DETEC. The report must be based on the existing public service offerings and examine whether and how these offerings are changing with digitalisation, whether they are becoming superfluous or whether new public service needs are arising. At the centre of the considerations is the question of where the need for action is to be located. Does the existing offer have to change due to digitisation, what are new public service tasks, or could they become, and what is needed to implement them? In particular, it must be clarified what the role of the Confederation should be in the possible development and operation of new, data-based infrastructures in connection with these questions and whether there is a need for new regulation here. Since the postulate 19.3574 "Offensive for a digital public service" is also to be dealt with in the report, the report will shed light on further sectors beyond the Federal Council's mandate.

Start: 2nd quarter (Q2) 2021
End: 2nd quarter (Q2) 2022
Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications DETEC
Federal Office of Communications OFCOM
Federal Office of Transport FOT, Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA, Federal Finance Administration FFA, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, Federal Consumer Affairs Bureau FCAB

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