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Education, research and innovation

Good education is an indispensable cornerstone for each individual and for society and the economy as a whole. The process of digital transformation greatly affects our lives and our work routines. It requires skills in handling the new technologies as well as creative and critical thinking. The dissemination of appropriate skills and the provision of appropriate education and professional development facilities therefore assume great importance.
For Switzerland to remain among the most capable countries in terms of the development and use of digital technologies, it must promote the necessary skills – in the sense of lifelong learning. In order to achieve the goal of equal opportunities and the participation of all residents in the possibilities of digitalisation, framework conditions are required which enable the necessary skills to be acquired. Participants in the education system have already undertaken major developments in the context of digitalisation and are starting out from an excellent position. It will be crucial to continue along this path without undue delay.
Science and research have a crucial role to play in terms of generating, disseminating and using knowledge. The new technologies constitute an essential basis for digital change and digital innovation, for example in the area of artificial intelligence or the processing of large amounts of data. Research and innovation are considered to be the central basis for Switzerland's high level of competitiveness and the basis for successfully managing structural change. They must be strengthened and further developed. In the process, the needs of the population, the economy and the environment must be taken into consideration, especially in an extraordinary situation such as the Covid-19 pandemic.
Switzerland's high level of innovation is made possible by a stable innovation system, which offers very good general conditions for innovators (in particular: access to national and European funding instruments), which allows participants to define key areas as far as possible and which is able to tackle important topics such as digitalisation and react to challenges. The Confederation is active in accordance with its subsidiary responsibility, creates favourable basic conditions and also observes developments in the international environment.

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Objectives [ 3 ]
Appropriate framework conditions make it possible to exploit the opportunities of digitalisation in the education sector

Good framework conditions allow digital innovations in the education sector and promote the acquisition of the skills which are essential in the digital age. A coherent policy on the use of data for education in Switzerland is established and facilitates ...

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Research and innovation are being strengthened

In view of the increasing pace of technological development across all sectors of the economy and the structural change accompanying digitalisation, skills in research play a key role. In order to maintain Switzerland's leading ranking as a location for i...

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Switzerland has attractive framework conditions for a broad-based start-up ecosystem

The existence of a strong start-up ecosystem is of key importance for a country's innovation capability and innovation strength. Start-ups, in particular those which follow on from scientific research, are important drivers of disruptive innovations. As t...

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