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A nation-wide, financeable and secure universal service provision in the infrastructure sector is and remains a Swiss trade mark. The Confederation makes sure that the services forming part of the universal service are adapted to changing requirements and needs and in this way contributes to the population's quality of life, national cohesion and the attractiveness of Switzerland as a business location. High-quality, efficient and secure network infrastructures are the backbone for the successful functioning of the economy and society in the digital age. A reliable, internationally competitive and affordable communications infrastructure is a prerequisite for the development of new ways of living and working and new services and products. In addition there is a need for adequate spectrum resources as well as general conditions which promote innovation and investment for the ongoing development of communications infrastructures which operate as smoothly as possible. To this end, the basic conditions must be shaped in such a way that in the telecommunications sector the most efficient internationally recognised technologies can be used in both the fixed and mobile telephone networks.
Other central and indispensable location factors for the economy and society of Switzerland include the high quality of an efficient and environmentally-friendly entire transport system and its integration into international developments. The increase in automated vehicles on road and rail, the increasing electrification of vehicles, drones, new mobility services and digitalisation in logistics will change passenger and goods transport in the next few years and will also affect spatial development. Working independently of a location makes it possible to use existing infrastructures to capacity by avoiding traffic or shifting it to less congested times of the day. In order to be able to meet these challenges successfully, cooperation between all federal levels is essential.
Multimodal mobility services have great potential for users, the economy and the public sector. Thanks to more information about the various mobility offerings, mobility users can compare these more easily and combine them individually. Mobility decisions are becoming more rational as a whole and are contributing to energy and resource efficiency. Digital selling enables new forms of customer interaction. Overall, this creates the basis for the development and provision of new products by businesses.
Digitalisation in the energy networks, i.e. in the electricity, gas, and heating networks, supports the transformation to an energy supply system which is based on decentralised renewable energies. Digitalisation is essential and will enable new functionalities as well closer coordination between the hitherto separate networks. In this way cost-efficiency can be improved and secure and reliable operation of the energy networks can be ensured.

Contribution of the field of action to the UN's sustainable development goals

Objectives [ 3 ]
Switzerland has a nation-wide, competitive, reliable, efficient and sustainable communications infrastructure

The dynamics of the market-driven expansion of communications networks will be maintained through the provision of resources such as frequencies and the further development of regulatory instruments. In addition, the universal service provides a basic off...

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Mobility in Switzerland is intelligent, networked and efficient in all areas

Switzerland is striving to establish an entire transport system which is efficient in all aspects and in which the available infrastructure and technology are used optimally, fewer natural and financial resources are used and maximum benefit accrues to so...

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The energy networks in Switzerland are intelligent, secure and efficient

The energy networks (electricity, gas and heating) generate digital data and information and use these for data-intensive optimisation of network planning and operation. For example, the networks are developing new functionalities and form the intelligent...

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