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In its Foreign Policy Strategy (FPS) 2020-23, the Federal Council defined digitalisation as one of four thematic priorities for the first time. In doing so, it stated that it wanted to further develop Switzerland's digital foreign policy. It is taking the postulate 17.3789 Béglé as an opportunity to present a specific implementation strategy for FPS 2020-23 before the end of 2020, which will explain the digital foreign policy concept, concretise the corresponding guidelines of FPS 2020-23 and define the individual foreign policy fields of action.
The following elements will have to be implemented in the light of the implementation strategy mentioned above.

Contribution of the field of action to the UN's sustainable development goals

Objectives [ 5 ]
Switzerland is shaping the international discussion about the future of digital space and its governance

Switzerland continues to raise its profile in the digital foreign policy area and is strengthening its role in shaping global digital governance. It is committed to the inclusion of all players concerned and contributes to finding new solutions. At the gl...

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Switzerland is committed to the digital self-determination of individuals and the creation of cross-border data spaces

Switzerland is committed, nationally and at the European and global level, to innovative and secure methods which promote the exchange of data and contribute to social and economic development in the digital space which is as free and at the same time as ...

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Switzerland is committed to a safe and trustworthy cyberspace

Switzerland is committed to the application of clear rules in cyberspace and compliance with the principle of “right before might”. The recognition of, compliance with. and implementation of international law constitutes the foundation for a safe, ope...

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International norms and standards reflect the interests of Switzerland

Norms and standards are a prerequisite for the application and implementation of digital methods across different sectors. Switzerland as a centre of knowledge with highly-qualified specialists from theory and practice should bring its knowledge and inter...

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Switzerland is committed to achieving the goals of the UN's Agenda 2030 with the aid of new technologies

Switzerland will apply the new technologies to achieve the goals of the UN's Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. Switzerland will thereby exploit the potential of new technologies in international cooperation, i.e. in combating poverty, in good gover...

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