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Maximum priority is to be given to protection from the risks of digitalisation, so that its opportunities can be best exploited for the well-being of the population in Switzerland. Key areas are the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information in the complex environment which results from the interaction of people, programmes and services. Protection and security aspects are therefore a priority in the configuration of digitalisation. Resilient design and the protection of critical infrastructures themselves are not the only key element for ensuring their longevity within the framework of digitalisation. Rather, this protection also extends to other areas of public life, in order to ensure the population's confidence in the efficiency of the state. Highly effective co-operation of all competent entities (Confederation and cantonal authorities, businesses and society) and systematic international networking are crucial for creating a safe environment. Individuals and businesses are being required to extend their security-related skills through their own efforts and to establish a security culture in the workplace. The protection of children and young people from harmful content and abusive behaviour in the online arena is also afforded a high priority. However, digitalisation does not only involve risks but can also contribute to earlier detection of dangers and a faster, more efficient response to crises.

Contribution of the field of action to the UN's sustainable development goals

Objectives [ 2 ]
Protection from cyber risks is ensured

Protection from dangers in cyberspace is a collective task for the Confederation, the cantons, businesses and society. The structures and processes for effective protection of the information and communications infrastructures which are critical for busin...

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The opportunities of digitalisation will be used to increase security

Guaranteeing internal and external security is a collective task for the Confederation, the cantons, cities and municipalities, as well as the army. Participants exploit the opportunities of digitalisation to improve the prevention, repulsion and overcomi...

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