Field of action

Social affairs, healthcare and culture

Against the background of social and demographic developments in Switzerland, innovative technologies for older persons, the disabled, people with a migration background and people with special needs are becoming more and more important. On the positive side: the innovations with new technical possibilities for support and facilitation in everyday life, with the elimination of obstacles and new possibilities of vocational integration. On the negative side: they can lead to comprehensive surveillance and to greater marginalisation of disabled people. It is therefore crucial that in the course of the application-based development of technology the needs of these groups of people are considered and innovative possibilities of social and vocational integration are supported. In addition, within the framework of research work on the digital transformation in Switzerland, its effects on the social groups mentioned must also be analysed and solutions developed which contribute to improve equal-opportunity participation for all.
Innovative and intelligent technologies are affecting us in more and more areas of life and work, for example in the form of telemedicine services or in the area of assistance systems and robotics. Technical specialisation in the healthcare sector means that more and more healthcare specialists from different professional groups are involved in the treatment of patients. Consequently the number of people who have to access more and more data independently of time and location is increasing. Digitalisation in the healthcare sector demands solutions which are technically interoperable and which consequently enable better networking, integration and coordination of treatment processes. Electronic health services must be further refined and data exchange between healthcare facilities must be made more efficient in order to guarantee high-quality patient care throughout the treatment chain.
In the cultural sphere, digitalisation offers new possibilities of promoting cultural diversity, facilitating access for all to cultural heritage and, by means of the new technologies, of promoting innovative types of creation, their dissemination and acceptance. Knowledge transfer and cooperation in the area of transversal digital projects should be supported and understanding between social, linguistic and cultural communities should be strengthened through intensified dialogue with participants.

Contribution of the field of action to the UN's sustainable development goals

Objectives [ 4 ]
Barrier-free and non-discriminatory access to digital products and services is guaranteed

Switzerland is committed to all residents having equal-opportunity, barrier-free and non-discriminatory access to innovative technologies and services. Older persons, the disabled, people with a migration background and people with special needs, in parti...

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Networking the participants in the healthcare sector enables made-to-measure health provision

Via the electronic patient dossier, people in Switzerland can access their health data and can make it accessible to the health professionals of their choice independently of place and time; great importance is attached to the protection of personal data....

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Facilitating access to cultural creation and cultural heritage strengthens cultural participation

Digital channels and platforms facilitate access to cultural creativity and cultural heritage and ensure broad social participation in cultural life. The Confederation supports the development, production and dissemination of digital culture and promotes ...

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The digital transformation process takes account of the health and well-being of the population

Progressive digitalisation and the increasing use of electronic devices lead to changes in our habits and our behaviour. These changes may involve negative effects on health. The digital transformation process must therefore be accompanied by targeted mea...

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