Implementation 1

Networking and cooperation of all stakeholder groups

The Federal Council invites all of digital Switzerland's stakeholder groups, in particular the cantons, cities and municipalities, to exchange information on their projects for the implementation of this strategy and on relevant cross-sectoral topics and to exploit any possible synergies. The administration is also cooperating closely with businesses, civil society and the world of science and in this way contributes to the efficient implementation of the strategy. Especially in areas of activity with responsibilities shared between the Confederation, the cantons and private organisations (e.g. in the healthcare and education sectors), sustainable digital integration is possible only if there are permanent forums or platforms for cooperation.
This dialogue increases awareness of the necessity for a collective commitment to digital Switzerland. It also serves to promote connections between the participants and to guarantee an exchange of information about the measures in progress.
Until the end of 2020 the Federal Department of the Environment, Energy and Communications DETEC is responsible for coordinating the Confederation's implementation measures within the federal administration and for the advancement of the strategy. This work is carried out within the framework of the Confederation’s “Digital Switzerland” Coordination Group. The Confederation's “Digital Switzerland” Office, based within OFCOM, supports the Coordination Group in terms of organisation and content. From 1 January 2021 onwards coordination within the federal administration will be assured by the Federal Chancellery.

Implementation 2

The “Digital Switzerland” action plan

The “Digital Switzerland” action plan includes the measures which make a concrete contribution to the achievement of the goals of the “Digital Switzerland” strategy. The measures taken by the federal administration constitute the starting point. The Departments and Federal Offices fund their implementation measures within the framework of their regular budgets and ensure evaluation of these measures where necessary. The “Digital Switzerland” action plan is published on the website and is regularly updated.
Digital Switzerland is a joint task of authorities at all levels of the state, the economy, science, civil society and politics. This must also be reflected in the action plan for this strategy. Selected projects of other participants which contribute to achieving the goals of the strategy and which meet pre-defined criteria can also provide inspiration and promote emulation. They may therefore be published in the “Digital Switzerland” action plan. The agencies responsible for their implementation provide the necessary resources.

Implementation 3

The Digital Switzerland Business Office (GDS)

The Business Office is the management unit of the Interdepartmental Digital Switzerland Coordination Group, which is responsible for coordination of the work on implementation of the "Digital Switzerland" strategy.
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