Mobility Pricing Project

In the second stage of the project, Mobility Pricing will be further deepened with an impact analysis based on the example of the Canton of Zug. Within the scope of this work, the impact of user-dependent transport charges on mobility and the population will be investigated. In addition to the impact analysis, DETEC will carry out further investigations commissioned by the Federal Council and the National Transport Commission. These concern, among other things, data protection: In Mobility Pricing, the pricing of a train or car journey is based on the movement profile of the persons travelling. Technological issues must also be clarified: the implementation of Mobility Pricing requires the recording of kilometres travelled by means of transport, time and place. This requires a recording technology that functions error-free and is safe from misuse.


Start: 1st quarter (Q1) 2020
End: 4rd quarter (Q4) 2021
Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications DETEC
Federal Roads Office FEDRO
Federal Office of Transport FOT, Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE, Federal Finance Administration FFA, Federal Customs Administration FCA

Field of action



Mobility in Switzerland is intelligent, networked and efficient in all areas