Appropriate datasets are available as open data

The processes of the public sector for collecting, storing and processing data are being further developed so that they relieve the administrative burden on residents in Switzerland, as well as businesses, and are being designed to be efficient and sustainable. In order to efficiently exploit the potential arising from this for an orderly implementation of the “once only” principle, the cooperation models must be further developed in various areas. Interoperability between the individual data collections must be guaranteed so that data can be exchanged. The government's data contributes to greater value creation and to positioning Switzerland as an attractive place to live and conduct business.
Data collected by the public authorities or on their behalf is in principle published as “Open Government Data” in an open and machine-readable form. This corresponds to the “open by default” principle, as provided for in the OGD strategy 2019-2023. In addition, further use of government data which is made available is supported and promoted at all federal levels, as is cooperation between private individuals and the public sector.
Open access to appropriate research data and results also makes a substantial contribution to improving the effectiveness, transparency and the reproducibility of scientific research and is being monitored as part of the open data strategy of the universities and the Swiss National Science Foundation. With regard to ensuring access to “Open Government Data” in other countries for Swiss researchers and businesses abroad, Switzerland is committed to an open data strategy abroad within the framework of international negotiations (e.g. the WTO).
Switzerland will also opt in the coming years for access to appropriate factual data which is not generated by the administration and the scientific community. In the search for solutions, account will be taken of the different interests of the participants in the data sector.