Barrier-free and non-discriminatory access to digital products and services is guaranteed

Switzerland is committed to all residents having equal-opportunity, barrier-free and non-discriminatory access to innovative technologies and services. Older persons, the disabled, people with a migration background and people with special needs, in particular the socially disadvantaged and those remote from the education system, must be able to use these technologies to remove obstacles. The goal is to facilitate their inclusion in social and everyday vocational life and at school and in this way to support them to lead an independent life. The services provided by the authorities on the internet must be based on international IT standards concerning accessibility.
Within the framework of international cooperation on innovation, research and development supports assistance technologies and innovative services targeted at the individual needs of the above-mentioned social groups. To ensure that these technologies and services can actually be used by the target groups, the aids delivered by the disability and accident insurance sector should be adapted to technological progress and their dissemination, availability and funding should be guaranteed.

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