Mobility in Switzerland is intelligent, networked and efficient in all areas

Switzerland is striving to establish an entire transport system which is efficient in all aspects and in which the available infrastructure and technology are used optimally, fewer natural and financial resources are used and maximum benefit accrues to society. The Confederation promotes the provision of the data infrastructure for multimodal mobility and is developing appropriate general conditions for digital selling. The exchange of mobility data is being specifically and actively promoted and the corresponding structures for simplified data exchange are being created. This is so that in the end-customer solutions sector, barriers to market access are dismantled and diversity can be developed, allowing a broader layer of the population to sustainably meet their individual mobility needs. In addition, there is a need for action in the area of the public transport data infrastructure. This is to be homogenised, optimised, made connectable and made available to the public within the framework of “Transport Network CH” in the spirit of “Open Government Data”. In this way Switzerland can assume a leading international role in terms of innovations in the area of mobility. The state uses the increasing need for integration of transport operators in order to strengthen interdisciplinary departmental and inter-office cooperation across all federal levels.