Networking the participants in the healthcare sector enables made-to-measure health provision

Via the electronic patient dossier, people in Switzerland can access their health data and can make it accessible to the health professionals of their choice independently of place and time; great importance is attached to the protection of personal data.
Patients are actively involved in decisions about their health-related behaviour and their health problems, thereby improving their health-related skills. New technologies and the prudent and trustworthy use of health data promote integration in the health sector as well as qualitatively better, more secure and more efficient processes. This focus on the treatment path of patients can be implemented only if the Confederation, the cantons and private participants cooperate more and coordinate their activities. At the same time, the principle of informational self-determination and the voluntary principle must retain a high value. Only in this way can it be ensured that social solidarity is not put at risk.


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Social affairs, healthcare and culture


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