Research and innovation are being strengthened

In view of the increasing pace of technological development across all sectors of the economy and the structural change accompanying digitalisation, skills in research play a key role. In order to maintain Switzerland's leading ranking as a location for innovation and research, skills relating to digital technologies in their entirety must be strengthened and the transfer of knowledge into the economy must be accelerated. New offerings in the sphere of promotion of innovation are being used, in particular to support knowledge transfer with reference to the digital transformation. Switzerland's participation in international programmes related to digitalisation in the area of research and innovation is also being promoted.
To strengthen skills in research and innovation, the action fields from the “Digitalisation action plan in the education and research sector in the years 2019 and 2020” are being consolidated within the framework of the Confederation's education, research and innovation policy (BFI message 2021 2024). The established instruments for the promotion of research and innovation will continue to be used. Education and professional development offerings, chairs at universities and research centres and international networking in teaching and research must continue to be developed independently, taking into account the dissemination of skills within the framework of the autonomy of the universities. The universities play a central role in the continuing development of education and professional development offerings in all specialist areas as well as in the critical analysis of the effects of digitalisation on society, the economy, and the environment.

Objective's measures