Switzerland is committed to a safe and trustworthy cyberspace

Switzerland is committed to the application of clear rules in cyberspace and compliance with the principle of “right before might”. The recognition of, compliance with. and implementation of international law constitutes the foundation for a safe, open and free digital space based on clear rules and mutual trust. To this end, Switzerland is committed to intergovernmental confidence-building and to the promotion of peace, in particular within the framework of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe. It carries over its commitment from the “offline world” to the “online world” and continues to raise its profile in the area of digital foreign policy by contributing to the minimisation of the risks in cyberspace. With regard to cybersecurity, Switzerland supports the expansion and building-up of its own capabilities and, in view of the distinct global interdependencies, also contributes as far as possible to the development of capacities in other countries. Also, with regard to cyberspace, Switzerland can intervene as a bridge-builder by bringing together representatives of all the players involved in order, for example, to investigate by means of its own initiatives such as the “Geneva Dialogue on Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace”, to promote responsibilities in cyberspace or to develop new models of governance. Furthermore, Switzerland is committed to internationally coordinated measures to prevent and combat deliberate disinformation, as well as hate and terror propaganda. These phenomena are increasingly challenging global security policy and the functioning of democratic decision-making.