Switzerland is shaping the international discussion about the future of digital space and its governance

Switzerland continues to raise its profile in the digital foreign policy area and is strengthening its role in shaping global digital governance. It is committed to the inclusion of all players concerned and contributes to finding new solutions. At the global level, Switzerland pursues the goal of an open and safe digital space which is based on international law and in which people and their needs occupy a central position. The rule of law and universal human rights, such as freedom of opinion and information and the protection of private life, must also be guaranteed online. Rights of freedom such as freedom of the press must be defended. As a bridge-builder, Switzerland wishes to contribute to the implementation of the recommendations of the High Level Panel of UN Secretary-General Guterres on digital co-operation, by helping to develop new governance models. The international city of Geneva, as a global centre for digital policy, will continue to promote stronger networking of participants, interdisciplinary cooperation and increased involvement of developing countries. Existing forums are being strengthened and the networking of international organisations, NGOs and think tanks based in Geneva is being promoted in order to make greater use of their potential. Initiatives supported by Switzerland, such as the “Geneva Internet Platform” or the “Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator” foundation, will continue to be used and developed.