The cities, municipalities and regions of Switzerland are characterised by a high capacity for innovation

Both the cities and central regions and the rural regions and mountain areas will seize the opportunities which digitalisation offers them and will strengthen their economies through better integration between participants and by better links between participants and experts. In this area, for example, new marketing channels and means of cooperation, increasing flexibility in the employment market, the concomitant new forms of work and the use of data play a role.
In the area of location promotion (SMEs, tourism and regional policy, plus export promotion and location promotion), greater use must be made of the opportunities of digitalisation to improve the general conditions for SMEs, to increase the capabilities of players in the economy and the competitiveness of the regions, as well as to raise the profile abroad of Switzerland as a location for business.
The Confederation supports the cantons, cities and municipalities within the framework of its existing instruments for the implementation of Smart City, Smart Village and Smart Region initiatives. In particular, the Confederation supports the exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer among and between cities and regions. The Confederation increases the national and international visibility of the activities of the cantons, cities and municipalities and promotes awareness of problems and acceptance of initiatives. In order to increase the effectiveness of its support, the Confederation coordinates its activities in this area.
Particular importance is attached to the use of geographical data. Geo-data flow is constantly increasing. Ever more frequently in real time too, geo-data increasingly occupies a focus in modern area planning. At all levels of the administration it is important to have available genuine “intelligent data” in the service of the Smart City, Smart Village or Smart Region.