The opportunities of digitalisation will be used to increase security

Guaranteeing internal and external security is a collective task for the Confederation, the cantons, cities and municipalities, as well as the army. Participants exploit the opportunities of digitalisation to improve the prevention, repulsion and overcoming of state-backed or criminally motivated threats and actions and to deal with natural and man-made disasters and emergencies, among other things by increasing the resilience of infrastructures. Digitalisation has special importance in relation to prevention (the simulation of crisis situations or the representation of the situation on geo-information systems). When dealing with extraordinary events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, statistical data, real-time data from sensors and geo-information can contribute to a better understanding of the situation and to improving the effectiveness of the work of the security and law enforcement authorities of the Confederation and the cantons, the emergency services, the army and civil defence forces, within the framework of the Swiss Security Network. The Confederation ensures that digitalisation in the security sector takes place in a coordinated manner.


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