The public service in the media sphere promotes political participation and strengthens democracy

The media make an essential contribution to democratic opinion-forming. Balanced information, transparency and comprehensibility of sources of information constitute the foundation for this and enable people in Switzerland as well as Swiss citizens abroad to form an opinion independently and on an informed basis and to engage politically.
In the digitalised, globalised and increasingly fragmented media world, in which the population is increasingly turning away from traditional media and embracing internet offerings, there are also new risks. The functioning of the media for democratic opinion-forming is increasingly being challenged by the mass dissemination of deliberate misinformation and hate speech on social media. The trustworthiness of journalistic content can be reduced by these phenomena, and in the long term this can have a negative effect on trust in the democratic constitutional structure and democratic institutions.
In this context, the public service media are more important than in the past as a point of orientation for a better understanding of the political and social environment. This presupposes trustworthy, independent and high-quality media offerings on the internet too, addressing the population as a whole. The public service promotes understanding, cooperation and exchanges between the regions, different language communities, cultures, religions and social groupings and takes into consideration the characteristics of the country and the needs of the cantons. It supports independent political participation and strengthens democracy as well as guaranteeing fundamental rights. Switzerland has also opted for high-quality and ethical responsibility in journalism.

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