SCI-ED: SCION Infrastructure for the ETH Domain

The SCION secure Internet architecture has been developed at ETH Zurich over the past six years, and has reached an advanced state of development and maturity. SCION offers enhanced security, availability, and performance for all networked systems and services. The SCI-ED project deploys SCION across the ETH domain to enable secure and highly-available communication between the ETH institutions and their partners.
SCI-ED will improve the security and performance of important use cases such as the transfer of sensitive data, electronic patient dossiers, and transfer of high data volumes, for instance, which are processed and stored at CSCS. An ETH-wide deployment will also provide a platform for novel, world-class research in networking and security that is not possible on today’s Internet. SCION’s level of maturity makes large-scale deployment possible. As SCION has been developed at ETH Zurich, we have the opportunity to further develop, deploy, showcase, and benefit from our own technology within the ETH domain. SCION’s multitude of new features will provide all users within the ETH domain with a quantum leap of technological innovation over the current Internet backbone.
SCION will be deployed in a three-phase rollout. Phase 1 deploys SCION to selected ETH domain institutions (EPFL, ETHZ, PSI, and CSCS); Phase 2 connects other ETH domain institutions in Switzerland, and Phase 3 includes foreign ETH domain institutions as well as partner institutions such as university hospitals.


Start: 1st quarter (Q1) 2019
End: 2nd quarter (Q2) 2021
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH
Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL, Paul Scherrer Institut, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre CSCS

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